Mano For Hands & Health

Elevate Your Hygiene Experience.

Exceptional Design Meets Innovation.

Crafted With Care

High-Quality materials for lasting elegance.


  • Dispenser for disinfection liquids, gels, hand soap, shower gel, etc.
  • Refillable with all types of Sanitizer and Soap
  • Body made in aluminum and plastic for inviting, durable surfaces and easy cleaning.
  • Heavy base and high quality construction.
  • Available in 3 configurations and colors.
  • Hands free technology.
  • Easy to install, refill and operate.
  • Two dosage settings.
  • Battery or wall cord powered. Battery duration: approx 1195 doses with single shot.
  • Container volume: 0.9 liters
  • Long term durability tested
  • RoHS and CE approved.

  • Engineered and manufactured by Scancastor.
  • Clean, beautiful lines designed by Hans Thyge & Co., award winning Danish design studio.

A color for every occasion.

Let the soothing colors of Mano bring a sense of calm and harmony to your space, as it effortlessly blends exceptional design with gentle care for your hands.

Mano Wall

The MANO has been designed to avoid disinfectant liquids from dripping on surfaces below, and to minimize overspray on adjacent wall surfaces

Mano Counter

Place the MANO dispenser at a visible height in areas with high activity and physical contact. MANO is activated by infrared technology, so the user avoids touching the dispenser

Mano Floor

The Mano floor dispenser will compliment your interior in a subtle, elegant way and provide the flexibility to move the dispenser around - to place it where its most needed.

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